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How to extend the service life of screw chiller

2021-03-25 11:48:12

Screw chiller is a kind of industrial refrigeration equipment which is often used by many large enterprises because of its compact structure, high efficiency, energy saving and easy operation. But after a long time of use, it will certainly cause some wear, so how to effectively extend its service life?

First, the rules and regulations for cleaning and maintenance of screw chillers should be formulated and the maintenance work should be recorded. The cleaning of the unit is not only for appearance, but also for the cleaning of evaporator, condenser, pipe, filter, cooling water tower and fan of the unit, so as to avoid the impurities in water quality from scaling affecting the normal operation of the chiller.

Secondly, according to the use time of screw chiller, the compressor lubricating oil should be replaced. The main function of lubricating oil to compressor is lubrication, cooling and capacity adjustment. It is recommended to check the clean condition of lubricating oil every 10000 hours of operation of the chiller; change the lubricating oil every 20000 hours or every 4 years of operation. When changing lubricating oil, it is necessary to select the oil which has passed the quality certification, and different brands of oil cannot be mixed!

Thirdly, when using screw chiller, operators should pay attention to it at all times. In case of abnormal sound or failure of the chiller, it is necessary to shut down the machine in time to prevent the unit from secondary damage. Then, the fault is eliminated according to the fault prompt in the control panel of the chiller. When the fault is not solved, remember not to start the chiller. If you encounter any failure that cannot be solved by yourself, please contact professional maintenance personnel for treatment.

Finally, the data (including unit maintenance) records of unit operation shall be made regularly to facilitate the query in the future. After long-term use, check all components of the unit to ensure normal operation. If the machine does not need to operate for a long time, the water inside the unit and the pipeline shall be cleaned to avoid damaging the unit components.

Generally, screw chiller needs long-term operation. In order to extend the service life of the unit, it is suggested that users formulate safe operation and maintenance procedures for the chiller, so as to effectively ensure the long-term use of the chiller.


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