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What factors affect the cooling capacity of the chiller

2021-03-25 11:18:43

The chiller plays an important role in industrial production. The cooling capacity of the chiller usually refers to the nominal cooling capacity of the chiller, which refers to the cooling capacity when the outlet temperature of the chiller is 7 degrees when the ambient temperature is 35 degrees. . So what factors affect the cooling capacity of the chiller?

1. Power of compressor: the greater the power, the higher the refrigeration capacity, the compressor with different mechanism forms according to the size of the model, such as piston type, medium-sized compressor, large optional screw type, centrifugal type, etc.

2. Low coolant content: too little coolant content will cause the equipment to suck oil, and the cooling effect will be reduced. Solution to low coolant content: check the lower coolant frequently to see if the cooling liquid level is kept between the high and low level, and add the coolant in time when the coolant is too low.

3. Water temperature (evaporation temperature is different, and refrigerating capacity is different): the higher the water temperature, the greater the refrigeration capacity, the lower the water temperature, the smaller the cooling capacity.

4. Filter screen clogging: after the filter screen is blocked, the more dust on the condenser will accumulate, and the cooling effect of the refrigeration equipment will be affected over time. In the past, it may even lead to the refrigeration equipment can not be cooled. Solution to filter network blockage: clean the filter screen regularly or irregularly.

5. Lack of Freon: in some early refrigeration equipment using freon as refrigerant, freon volatilized after a long period of time, which affected the refrigeration effect. Solution: remind you that Freon may have some harm to human body, so in case of such situation, you should find a professional maintenance company to add.

6. Supply voltage: low voltage or insufficient power of refrigeration equipment.

7. Pump power: the amount of water circulation, directly affects the heat transfer speed.

8. Evaporator: condenser form, divided into water tank coil test, shell tube type, stainless steel plate, etc.

9. Heat material: copper tube heat transfer is the best.

10. Piping: there is a problem with the pipe.

For which factors affect the cooling capacity of the chiller, we share here. In addition, when the chiller is in actual operation, due to the difference between the ambient temperature and the chilled water outlet temperature, the cooling capacity and compressor power consumption also change, that is, the cooling capacity of the cold water mechanism has an impact on the effluent temperature and the ambient temperature.


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