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Low-cost operation method of industrial chiller

2021-03-25 11:42:25

Industrial chiller is a kind of water cooling equipment, which can provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure. Enterprise users who use industrial chillers are more concerned about the cost of use. The use of chillers needs to avoid excessive energy consumption of the equipment. In order to better run the industrial chillers and achieve the purpose of rapidly reducing the space temperature, enterprises need to carry out real detection of the equipment on a regular basis. So what are the methods of low-cost operation of industrial chillers?

1. Keep away from the industrial water chiller failure, which can extend the service life of the industrial water chiller at the same time, continuously improve the operation safety and stability of the industrial water chiller. Usually, there will be signs before the industrial water chiller failure, which can timely determine whether the industrial water chiller has a failure, and make a treatment plan, so as to maintain the normal use of the equipment, and will not cause energy explosion due to the existence of the failure.

2. Control the running power of industrial water chiller. The energy consumption of the equipment is directly related to the operating power of the equipment. If the running power of the equipment is high, and the industrial water chiller is not affected by any fault in the process of operation, then the industrial water chiller will not have any problems in the process of use. On the contrary, if the industrial water chiller fails in long-term operation, and the enterprise does not deal with it quickly in time, then the failure will inevitably threaten the normal use of the industrial water chiller. Even if the fault is relatively simple, it will also cause enterprises to consume higher costs to keep the industrial chiller running.

3. Inspect the industrial chiller regularly. In order to ensure the safe use of industrial chillers, after more than two years of operation, enterprises need to carry out regular fault detection for industrial chillers. The lower the probability of industrial chiller failure, the less energy consumed by enterprises to run industrial chiller, so as to achieve the purpose of low-cost operation of industrial chiller, which is conducive to the long-term use of industrial chiller.

The low-cost operation method of industrial water chiller is shared here. Industrial water chiller is mainly used for the cooling of chemical reaction kettle (chemical heat exchanger) to take away the huge heat generated by chemical reaction in time, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling (cooling) and improve the quality of products.


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