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Judgment methods of common failures of industrial chillers

2021-03-25 11:46:36

With the rapid development of industry, most industries now use water chillers to cool media, but some simple technologies, such as air or water, include the cooling coil flow to adjust the temperature, which can be solved by using industrial water chillers. However, in the use of industrial water chillers, there will inevitably be some failures, so what are the judgment methods of common failures of industrial water chillers?

The basic method to judge the common faults of industrial water chillers is to look, touch, measure and analyze.

"A look"

(1) Look at the indication value of pressure gauge and thermometer, the oil level of refrigeration oil, the liquid level of liquid storage equipment and the setting value indication of automatic control elements. These values should conform to the parameter mark of normal operation condition.

(2) Check the frosting condition from the return pipe to the suction end of the refrigeration compressor to judge the liquid supply and suction superheat.

(3) Check whether the outer wall of crankcase and cylinder is dewed or frosted to judge whether the wet stroke of refrigeration compressor occurs.

(4) Check whether there are oil stains on pipe welds, threaded joints, flanges or shaft seals to determine whether the refrigeration system is leaking.

(5) Check whether the high-pressure pipeline, liquid filter and small filter screen of thermal expansion are frosted to judge whether they are blocked.

"Two touch"

Check whether the temperature of the compressor and other parts of the equipment are in good condition, and whether the temperature of the pipeline and other parts of the equipment are in good condition.

"Three tests"

Use various measuring instruments to measure the operating parameters of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. For example, measure the temperature, pressure, working current and electrical insulation; measure the air temperature, humidity, dew point, wind pressure, air volume and noise of the air conditioning system to determine whether the refrigeration and air conditioning system is abnormal.

"Four analysis"

This paper analyzes and judges the phenomenon by using the relevant theory of refrigeration device work, finds out the cause of the failure, and eliminates it with a target. Through "listening, seeing, touching and testing", the refrigeration system fault is preliminarily checked to judge whether the refrigeration system is in normal state and determine the fault location. After comprehensive analysis and according to the actual situation of adjustment and maintenance, timely troubleshooting, to ensure that the refrigeration system economic and reasonable operation.

The judgment method for common faults of industrial water chillers is shared here. The constant temperature of industrial water chillers makes the operation of heat pump units more reliable and stable, and ensures the efficiency and economy of the system. There is no need for special maintenance or operation, and the operation and maintenance cost is very small.


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