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How to reduce the noise of air-cooled chillers?

2021-03-25 11:45:06

When it comes to the air-cooled chiller, when it is used, because in the initial stage of production, the enterprise will carry out all-round treatment for the air-cooled chiller, so it will not produce a higher noise problem. But after running for a period of time, the noise of the air-cooled chiller will continue to increase. If it is not handled in time, it will have a serious impact on the safe operation of the air-cooled chiller. So how to reduce the noise of air-cooled chiller?

1. The influence of the surrounding environment. The influence of noise and vibration of air-cooled chillers on the surrounding environment should be considered in the design. The noise level of compressors varies with different models and installation methods. The noise of fully enclosed compressor is lower than that of semi enclosed compressor. The noise of axial-flow fan varies with different wings and different speeds. The noise of eight pole motor is lower than that of six pole motor. Before noise control, before installation, the equipment should be selected flexibly according to the surrounding conditions and noise requirements, so as to be economical and reasonable. In order to reduce the noise and vibration, the air-cooled unit and water pump are used as the vibration damping foundation, the water chiller and water pump are equipped with soft joints at the inlet and outlet, and the air-cooled unit is equipped with silencers around.

2. Shock absorbers cannot be ignored. Noise control of air-cooled water chiller project in the layout of the unit, in addition to the consideration of unobstructed exhaust air to avoid the backflow of exhaust air, shock absorption devices must be installed at the base and inlet and outlet pipes of the unit, and the isolation efficiency must meet the design requirements. The main pipe of air conditioning water in the cooling and heating station shall be installed with shock absorption hanger or bracket to prevent the vibration of the unit and water pump from being transmitted to other places through the pipe.

3. Priority should be given to brands with low noise. At present, the noise of a single air-cooled heat pump is generally between 65 dB and 85 dB. With each additional unit, the overall noise will increase by 3 dB. When there are more heat pumps in a project, the noise is more difficult to control. Therefore, in the selection of heat pump projects, the number of units should not be too many. In other words, heat pump should not be used in large air conditioning projects. Generally, the number of heat pumps in a project should not exceed 5.

How to reduce the noise of the air-cooled chiller is shared here. The air-cooled chiller can be applied to CNC machine tools, coordinate boring machines, grinding machines, machining centers, modular machine tools, as well as various precision machine tool spindle lubrication and hydraulic system transmission medium cooling. It can accurately control the oil temperature, effectively reduce the thermal deformation of the machine tool, and improve the machining accuracy of the machine tool.


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