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Characteristics of low temperature water chillers

2021-03-25 11:29:45

Low-temperature water chiller is a kind of refrigeration device to provide chilled water, which can provide - 30 ~ 20 ℃ chilled water or chemical solution to meet the needs of users. Low temperature water chiller is especially suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, plastic, food additives, electroplating, electrophoresis and other production processes, where cooling water is needed. What are the characteristics of low temperature chillers?

Features of low temperature water chiller:

1. Low temperature water chiller compressor lubricating oil is supplied by high and low pressure difference, compressor built-in oil has high oil separation efficiency, absorb unit noise, ensure stable operation of the unit, not easy to damage.

2. The low temperature water chiller control system is a microcomputer liquid crystal touch automatic control system, with Chinese display and simple operation. It can quickly and accurately control the unit and check its operation status, data query, parameter setting, alarm history, etc. through the touch liquid crystal display.

3. The automatic control system of low temperature chiller is controlled by PLC or single chip microcomputer, which can realize the automatic safety protection of phase loss, over-voltage, under voltage, over-current, oil pressure, high voltage, low voltage and electronic motor overload. PCL control can automatically balance the running time of the compressor, so as to extend the service life of the compressor.

4. Through PLC, single-chip computer control, it can automatically adjust, provide more stages of cold output, and realize dynamic automatic matching with cooling load. So that the low temperature chiller is always stable in high efficiency operation, so as to achieve the purpose of technical skills.

5. Provide modular installation, reduce the installation cycle, reduce the pipeline consumables, shorten the construction period.

6. Low temperature water chiller is a model of the new generation of refrigeration equipment with fast refrigeration speed and strong safety.

The characteristics of low-temperature water chillers are shared here. In today's increasingly fierce market competition and mature development technology of water chillers, miniaturization and high-efficiency water chillers have become a new trend. At the same time, in order to adapt to the rapid development of industrial production, more personalized and more practical products will continue to emerge.


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