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Portable welding water cooler and cabinet

2021-03-26 10:13:03

Portable welding water cooler and cabinet

Hanli Sch series handheld laser welding water chiller is a special built-in water chiller ...

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一、The product will be launched in 2019, specially designed for laser hand-held welding machine, including hand-held welding machine cabinet, water cooler and other accessories. Users only need to purchase laser, welding joint and electrical parts to simply assemble and form.

二、Product advantages

1. Professional matching laser welding machine, small volume, compatible with all manufacturers cabinet;

2. A full range of environmental protection refrigerant system, export worry free;

3. One button intelligent control system, easy to operate, ISO9001 quality management system, fault code query system;

4. Integrated design, convenient maintenance;

5. Stable and reliable performance, low failure rate and energy saving;

6. Comprehensive ex factory inspection, 2-year warranty of the whole set of refrigeration turnkey project, and guarantee by Haier mode after-sales service system.

三、 Parameter details

Hand welding

Application environment:working temperature≯45℃ Relative humidity≯95%RH

Tempe. control accuracy:±1.5℃

Cooling capacity:3000w

Electric heating power:800w+400w


Rated flow of water pump:33L/min

Max.pump lift:38.5M

Pump power:0.55kw

Tank volume:16L

Laser water nozzle interface:G1/2*φ φ 12mm Quick connector 

Cutting head nozzle interface:G1/2*φ 6 φ 10mm Quick connector

Machine weight:50KG

Machine size:800*490*430mm(L*W*H)

Packing dimension:845*500*450mm(L*W*H)

Functional characteristics:Efficiency & environmental protection

                           double temperature controls

                           flow & over temperature alarm

                           Thermal protection of compressor

                           Leakage protection device

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